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Drain Field Repairs

While any common process can damage or break your Drain Fields, our company has reliably repaired and worked with Drain Fields since 2014. Drain fields are an incredibly important part of your septic tank system, and ensuring its functionality is a huge part of living comfortably in your home. Many companies will suggest a full replacement of your drain fields, but you should always look for a second opinion from a company that can save you money by extending the life of these drain fields. 

If you find yourself worried about your drain fields functionality, or looking for a second opinion, contact us.

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For drain fields, our company uses PTI, Infiltrators, Mulch Systems, and Aerobic Systems. A PTI is an alternative to the traditional gravel drain fields, and the benefits of PTI are a lack of clogging from the soil and dusts found in traditional gravel systems, PTI's have the lowest height profile, which benefits mounded systems, and PTI's fit into a smaller space than traditional gravel fields, making it possible to lower the amount of excavation on your yard. Infiltrators are recycled plastic septic chambers that are engineered for strength and performance. These are easy to install and have greater design flexibility compared to stone and pipe. These allow for savings on cost, time, labor, and materials! Aerobic systems are small scale sewage treatment systems that use an aerobic process for digestion. This system provides high quality secondary affluent, that can be sterilized and used for surface irrigation. this system also allows for greater flexibility in drain field placement and can cut the size of a drain field by as much as half.





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